Audition TPB Vol. 1


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By Kye Young Chon

A new Korean manhwa graphic novel! Buok Pak runs her own detective agency, but she’s without a case. Business is slow and she needs to pay rent. As luck would have it, she gets a visit from her first potential client. Too bad it’s none other than her old high school rival, the beautiful and spoiled Myung-ja Song! It turns out that Myung-ja’s father, head of Song-Song Records, has just passed away. An eccentric man, he had added the crazy stipulation in his will that keeps Myung-ja from inheriting the company outright! In order to claim your inheritance, she must find four genius boys that he met in the past and bring them together to form Korea’s greatest boy band! The four geniuses have grown up into talented young men- but their personalities are not exactly “star quality”… can Buok and Myung-ja find them in time to sign up for Song-Song’s Audition?! Great comedic writing, beautiful boys and gorgeous girls, plus slick, stylish art make this a stellar manhwa! Published in English by DramaQueen. A manga-sized graphic novel.

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