Bureau of Mana Investigation Vol. 2 TPB


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By Christina “Smudge” Hanson and Ed Garcia

Magic slowly returned to Nivarria after a millennium of nonexistence. Finding themselves in the hub of magical activity, the Mega-Shammark city police formed two special departments to deal with the rise in magic-related crimes: the Mana Police and their detectives, the Bureau of Mana Investigation. Safe within the confines of Tahee’s Lighthouse, Amark and Holly come to an uneasy alliance with Tahee and Kolorsha to escape the Demon Lands. However it will take more than just words from both sides to bury their prejudices if they all wish to make it out from Lord Sheilba’s grasp alive. Action-packed urban fantasy from the popular Furrlough team of Smudge and Ed Garcia, now collected for the very first time! 128 pages of science-fantasy adventure!

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