Exorcisms and Pogo Sticks Vol. 2 TPB


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By Stephen Doerr

A new yaoi graphic novel! The man-slut Orichiee and his marionette sidekick Doodoo are back for another arcane adventure! This time Orichiee gets mixed up with a crooked Colonel who claims his troops need a skilled exorcist, but he has other motives for luring Orichiee into the army! The creepily kinky Colonel quickly exploits the ranking system, making Orichiee his personal whipping boy! Zany and funny yaoi storytelling! A great companion book to Dangerous or Genus: Male. Published by Yaoi Press. A manga-sized graphic novel.

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Warning: this comic contains depictions of homosexual acts and gay themes. If you do not wish to view such acts, please do not order this comic.

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