Genus Presents: Bun-Buns #001


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Cover by Yamaneko-ya

Genus Presents: Bun-Buns is dedicated to rabbits, rabbits and more rabbits! From cute to sultry to downright sexy, this special issue spotlights those insatiable lapine lovers, with an emphasis on their fluffy-tailed posteriors! Silly and sexy cartoons, comics and pinups, from the hottest talents from Genus and Milk, including AnimeCat, Kjartan Arnorsson, Mary Bellamy, Brian Blackberry, Phil “Poinko” Gibson, DAQ, Megan Giles, Diana Harlan-Stein, Shon Howell, Sara Palmer, Paperbag, Joe Rosales, Terrie Smith, Sara M. Williams and XianJaguar!

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