Girly Vol. 1 Trade Paperback


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By Josh Lesnick

Finally, the insanely popular webcomic about Otra and Winter is collected for the first time! She’s in a deep funk she just can’t shake. The people in town are not much help, as they are, on the whole, blissfully stupid or excessively obnoxious. She drearily wanders the town, shooting people into space, every day feeling like it’s become more of an effort just to go on living. And then a girl in a dress comes forth, and makes her a sidekick. Together, it is their goal to seek out adventure, and they now face many new obstacles. Elephants are rampaging through town! For some reason, the police are after them! A serial philanderer is on the loose, posing a threat to women everywhere! Whatever happens now, they’re sure to get wrapped up in all of it. Is this what she needed? This is the story of a Leader and her Sidekick! 104 pages, this volume collects Girly from the beginning, with special art from Josh!

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