Prisoner of the Immortal TPB


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By Insanity Team

A new yaoi graphic novel! In the realm of Arklain the war between the gods and demons has finally ended. The clan of the Immortals now rules and they demand that each clan give up their most powerul member. Called a “kether” or “chosen one”, the Immortals will control the kethers and make certain they are never used to wage war again. Kether Taris is controlled by a brutal and insane Immortal named Aralan, and is inexorably pulled into the deranged Immortal’s mad fantasies! Extremely dramatic and dark yaoi storytelling! A great companion book to Dangerous or Genus: Male. Published by Yaoi Press.

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Warning: this comic contains depictions of homosexual acts and gay themes. If you do not wish to view such acts, please do not order this comic.

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