Saiko and Lavender Spooktacular #001


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By Diana X. Sprinkle and Michael Vega

Halloween has descended and Lavender is boarding up her magic store before the tsunami of costumed toddlings emerge from the night to gorge themselves on the surrounding residents’ sweet individually wrapped offerings. As they force their way through the cracks in her security, Lavender lapses into a flashback of her first traumatic childhood Halloween with her quirky, faster-than-the-speed-of-light assistant, Saiko. Saiko takes the spirit of Halloween way too far when she devises a plan to collect all the candy in the world and store it in Lavender’s house. Now Lavender must find a way to stop Saiko’s candy crime spree before her house bursts like a pi�ata and her parents force her to wear the little fairy princess costume she despises so much. A sweet Halloween treat featuring Saiko & Lavender in all of their childhood glory, from the creators behind Monsters of Rock and True Hue!

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