Sebastian & the Beast Vol. 1 TPB


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By Susan “Matix” Smit and Allie Smith

Caught off guard in a tenacious storm, Captain DeLovely, his fiancee Lady Branwyn and his best man, Dirk, take shelter in a long forgotten castle deep in the dark heart of a faywood. But the towering stonework is far from abandoned. For the three travelers have entered the domain of Lord Beast, a cursed King with a cathedral sized grudge. Willingly sacrificing his own freedom in exchange for that of his friends, the good Captain remains behind to face the unpredictable, morose, rage-filled Master of the manor. Beauty and the Beast with a twist … … and a wriggle! The popular boys’ love webcomic from is collected in this 118 page graphic novel, jam-packed with romance, drama and TENTACLES!

This comic contains gay and yaoi (“boy’s love”) themes.

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