Sexual Espionage #001


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By Daria McGrain

From the fevered imagination of Daria McGrain, the popular artist of Genus: Male, comes another slab of choice beefcake! As a secret agent, you have to be prepared for any situation- including the amorous advances of your enemy agents! Everyone thinks that pretty-boy Storm doesn’t have what it takes to be a superspy. But he’s “out” to show he can handle anything and anyone! When he runs into Cobra on an undercover mission, he finds himself in surprising new positions, but with some maneuvering, he takes it all in stride! Is he “up” to the task? Plenty of commando thrills for those who prefer their comics manly! Yaoi fun at its finest!

WARNING: If you do not want to see depictions of men engaged in homosexual sex, please do not buy this comic. This comic contains gay themes.

You must be 18 or older to purchase this comic. It’s the law!

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