Space Race #001


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By Favio Montoya

Carrot is your typical 13-year-old girl- she loves boys, hanging out with her friend Dots and daydreaming about the day she’ll be old enough to enter the Space Race, the giant free-for-all sports competition that pits the best of the best from all over the galaxy against each other! But her life changes completely when Dots announces that Carrot will be competing in the next Space Race! Despite forged credentials and fake ID, Carrot and Dots manage to get into the competition and soon the Race Is On! Will Carrot be able to hold her own against top fighters Cheeta, Rider and Taro? Worst of all, will she have the skill to go head to head with deadly diva Razor? An action packed story and adorable artwork by hot new talent Favio Montoya (Morning Glory) make this a story you won’t want to miss! Don’t let the Space Race pass you by!

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