Untamed Vol. 1


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From the creators of Anubis: Dark Desire comes Untamed, a new graphic album of erotic romance that thrills with the taste of forbidden lust! This sumptuous package features beautifully illustrated tales of anthropomorphic passion and the sensual interplay of fur on skin! A showcase of the best talents in the field, assembled together for your pleasure!

Cover by Heather Bruton, back cover by Diana Harlan-Stein

Dragon Dancing by Redd
Bear Baiting by Style Wager & Hush Hush
Frost Bite by Diana Harlan-Stein & David Stein
A Night To Remember by Sara Palmer
Hard Merchandise by Roz Gibson
Illustrations by Michele Light, Heather Bruton, Diana Harlan-Stein, Terrie Smith and Dark Natasha

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