Unusual U #002


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By James Hanrahan and John Barrett

Danny Stringer’s first week at his new school was eventful, but at least now he has some friends to commiserate with! And he’s certainly going to need them, after someone sets loose the brain-controlling cyber-spiders, which start going after student and teacher alike! Pretty soon the whole school is assembled into a slack-jawed zombie army, awaiting orders from their spidery controllers! But who controls the spiders? Is it young mad scientist Alberto Mannheim, seeking revenge on those who laughed at his theories? Or is it control-freak Vice-Principal Dr. Fitzpatrick, seeking to stop insubordination once and for all? Or is it something far more sinister? Can Danny, Yuri and Marie put a stop to the craziness before the last bell, or will they have to stay after school? Find out in issue #2 of Unusual U, written by James Hanrahan (writer of Ninja High School) with art by John Barrett (artist of Gold Digger: Edge Guard)!

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