Furrlough #100


Anniversary special issue!

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Features a gatefold cover highlighting all the covers of Furrlough! Plus, 80 giant pages!

Tall Tails Part 23 by Jose Calderon & Daphne Lage
Cockroaches 2 by Chris Whalen
Heebas Conclusion by Scotty Arsenault
Blazin’ Charlotte by Dean Lee Norton
Tales of Marga: Lucky Ball & Chain by Thor Thorvaldson Jr.
Bubba & Smoot: Dogs of War Part 2 by Scott Mills
Ebin & May Part 7 by Christina Hanson & Ed Garcia
Roomies by Dan “Flinthoof” Canaan
Illustrations by Christine Klunder, Robert Almaraz, Richard Bartrop, Max Blackrabbit, Mike Cogliandro, Megan Giles, Doug Gracey, James Hardiman, Alex Kolliopoulos, Daphne Lage, Marci McAdam, Mark Moore, Richard Moore, Patrick & Vicky Morgan-Keith, Phil Morrissey, Pelzig, Amy Pronovost, Andre Richard, Joe Rosales, William Ruzicka, Okawa Seishou, Dan Seneres, Ted Sheppard, Diana X. Sprinkle, Kurt Wilcken, Carlos Z.

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